How It Works

Mission Statement:

To create a tool that saves time and money. My hope is to help others work smarter, not harder to make easy repairs themselves and save a lot of money doing it. You can do it, we can help. Every household in America and around the world needs an Air Gap Cleaning Tool!!

About Us:

As an Engineer, for 30 years I have been solving problems and creating solutions, this comes natural for me. Helping others is second nature. In 2005 the Air Gap Cleaning Tool was born. Patented and trademarked, this tool makes it easier and faster to clean out the Air Gap lines. With the Air Gap Cleaning Tool, you never have to go through the dreaded under the sink and dishwasher repairs. Since 2005 Airgapor industries has sold hundreds of thousands of these Air Gap Cleaning Tools. Invented and Patented by Paul Sommerfeld, I have created a tool that solves a problem and helps others save time and money doing it.

Purpose of the Air Gap Cleaning Tool:

The Air Gap allows you to see that a clog exists and enables you to clean it out easily by using the Air Gap Cleaning Tool. This tool allows you to clean the line in just minutes and could save you hundreds of dollars in plumber fees. Using the correct size gauge of steel that flexes with every bend and perfect size diameter brush, that flows smoothly through the Air Gap line to clean the walls of the hose thoroughly. Most of the clog in the line comes from the disposal accumulating food and waste at the disposal inlet. Also food and waste from the dishwasher when it drains goes through the same hose to accumulate more waste at the disposal inlet forming a big clog. With 3 easy steps, you can clean out the line in just minutes using the A
Gap Cleaning Tool.

If you don’t have an Air Gap next to your sink then the drain line to the dishwasher will be looped under the sink to the disposal. When the hose line is looped up high under the sink it creates an air gap so when you fill your sink it does not overflow into the dishwasher line which could cause stagnate water and bacteria to grow. The problem for this application is if the drain line clogs, you will have to, clean the line through the disposal inlet to loosen the clog and run the dishwasher to drain and flush line. This application will not clean the line as thoroughly as the Air Gap line because of the access point. In some situations, the entire hose would have to be replaced from the disposal to under the dishwasher. The air gap allows you to see the clog exists and clean it out easily. It also separates the dishwasher drain line from the disposal inlet line, keeping contaminants from flowing back into the dishwasher line.